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Rwanda Self drive specializes in rentals cars equipped for highland roads. Our fleet consists of cars specifically chosen for the Rwanda terrain and unlimited mileage. Our most popular cars are the Toyota Land Cruisers and Toyota Rav4‘s 4×4 that are engineered for comfort and off road adventure. We take pride in our business and do our absolute best in representing our country. We encourage you to shop around as we are certain that we offer the best rates for the quality of service provided.

Our goal is to have professional friendly service, the best car rental rates in Rwanda and make your travel experience comfortable and safe.
We offer a wide range of 4×4 vehicles ready for your adventure in Rwanda.
We love to service.

Why Choose Us?

Our values are simple. We are Reliable, Responsible, Responsive, Professional and enthusiastic. Our goal is always to serve our customers fast and as best we can for their satisfaction. We provide assistance 24/7 by telephone. We assist our customers if any problems occur with rental provider. No added or extra fees.

Free Extras We Do Offer.

  • Mileage {Unlimited Mileage}
  • Travel Map
  • Pick up Service
  • Drop off Service
  • No Airport Car Rental Concession Fees or Car Rental Taxes
  • Save vacation time by choosing on our proposed tailor-made safari itineraries

For any car rental deals in Rwanda, you can contact Us via Email @ or you can give us a call on +250 781 449 386/ +256 772 552 950. We are read to provide you with the necessary information need about traveling around Rwanda and if you have any question feel free to email or give us a call.


Cars for Rental for Self Drive or with a Driver


Toyota Rav4 is the prime compact crossover SUV. It is a car, popular for economy safari trips and self drive tours. Its fuel consumption is tremendously incredible as it consumes less fuel compared to any other SUV. It carries 2- 5 people.

TOYOTA RAV 4                                          USD 60


This is one of the latest Toyota Rav4. This car appeals to people of high end that would love to travel in a compact car with SUV credentials.

4×4 TOYOTA RAV 4                         USD 70


Land cruiser V8 is the among the popular car known for safari trips in Africa due to the collaborative nature it was built,it comes with great comfort and spacious trunk for touristic tools. This is a luxury car with grate elegance and tremendous speed.

  LUXURY LANDCRUISER V8                USD 200


Toyota land cruiser 2014 is one of the current model of land cruisers. It is bigger and with a very modified interior that gives you more elegance, class and comfort when traveling. It is ideal for both business and political conferences. It is  six seater cars.

LANDCRUISER TX  2014              USD 150


This is a compact well known for carry  only two pax taking a city tour. This is the best car suited for people of an economy budget making a city tour. Its fuel consumption is remarkably low lower compared to other cars.

TOYOTA PREMIO            USD 80


This is a vehicle cited for people traveling in a group as it carries nine people. It is a four wheel drive car which makes suited for groupie tourists making a wildlife safari.

SAFARI VAN 9 SEATER               USD 100


Toyota coasters are the supreme vehicles for large group traveling like an institute traveling to watch wildlife. These cars are designed to accommodate a big number of people traveling together that is from 10-28 people..

SAFARI COASTER 28 SEATER               USD 200


Toyota Prado is car hired by mid range people/ tourists. This car gives  people the same travel experience like any other land cruiser but only that it is smaller than the bigger land cruisers.



Toyota super customs are four wheel drive cars that are meant for family travel or a very small group of people  with a maximum of six. These are the most comfortable cars among the mid passenger vehicles as their seats are spacious and also have a very modified sky room on top of them.



These are the real safari vehicles. These have everything a tourist needs in the car on a wildlife safari trip. These are bigger and longer than any land cruiser. They have drinks and food handles in the interior and also have spacious seats. They normally carry around 6-8 pax.



These are the most common land cruisers in Rwanda. These cars are also hired for safari trip. They carry a maximum of 8 people.



Toyota hi-ace is offered to people willing to take a city tour Kigali. It carries 8-9 people and one of the latest Toyota hi-ace in the world. It gives group city tourists style.

TOYOTA HIACE                USD 100