Stipp Town hotel Rwanda

STIPPAG  is a company that was established in 1995 by a Rwandan businessman dealing with  petroleum products and international transport. In 2004 the company decided to  help resolve the housing problem in Rwanda and thus the birth of Stipp hotel.  This hotel has 50 en suite executive rooms, 24 double and 26 single rooms. They  are none smoking and some have views to the city of Kigali. This hotel has a newly  established gem in the hub facilities for up to 50 people. Patrons can relax  with a cold beer from the local brewery after a heavy brainstorming session  beside the pool bar while enjoying the spectacular views of the city of Kigali.  Stipp hotel offers a taste from the sidewalks of the café: de Paris to the  heart of the Italian Riviera. The Stipp hotels menu is a mixture of French  cuisine and Italian flavors. As most Rwandese eat green bananas as a staple  diet, the menu offers delicious deep fried or boiled bananas with ‘spinach’ and  ‘peas’, as well as a daily specials menu.